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Advanced Drone Services

As you look at our services, you’ll find that we are experienced in commercial drone solutions for construction, developers, marketing, and much more. We provide aerial mapping services in Canada, and focus on technology and services that are specific to industries of all types. We specialize in customizing services to meet the needs of varying industries today.

Applying drones to our projects gave us weekly and sometimes daily site maps, elevations and meeting material that we’ve never had before. It was a game changer.
Stantec – Engineering Services

Amazing Drone Data

When we put drones on the project we were able to obtain millions of points of measurements at centimeter level accuracy, stitched images of the entire project site, volumetrics, cut and fill reports, fly throughs, it was just a vast amount of data that aided in our decision making.


Once you apply drones to your project you couldn’t imagine doing future projects without such information available to you.

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